Migraine Boca Raton

Migraine Boca Raton NEW YORK (UPI) – The United States first acupuncture center opened by Wednesday. And it’s first patient reported that he feel better after undergoing the ancient Chinese treatment in which needles are inserted in the body to eliminate pain.

But Nicola Di Virgile, 63, of New York said he would wait a few days before deciding whether the treatment had successfully treated his arthritis.

New Acupuncture Center of New York for Migraine Boca Raton

Migraine Boca Raton

Dr. Yao Wu (Sam) Lee, one of the growing number of acupuncturists in Broward County, treats Alfred Green, 80, for shingles.

Eight others were waiting for treatment at the new Acupuncture Center of New York. While Di Virgile was being punctured with 36 needles in the firth floor facility in a plush high-rise section of Manhattan’s east side.

Most were arthritic with no previous success in eliminating their pain. All agreed anything was worth the gamble. Di Virgile, a retired porter, required about 15 minutes to have the fine needles inserted into his chest, stomach, arms and legs. He said he felt nothing.

After the treatment, the patient flexed his finger with apparent ease and his right arm in apparent comfort. He said he was unable to do finger apparent before.

“It feels better,” he said. Later outside on the street, walking briskly, he said ” It fells much better.”

The second patient was Irving Lazarus, a cab driver from Brooklyn. Who has long suffered from neck pains and persistent headaches. He said, “All previous efforts to get relief are failed”.

Other ailments believed to be responsive to acupuncture treatment are migraine headaches, back pains, sciatica, high blood pressure, asthma, ulcers and insomnia.

Migraine Boca Raton

Back pain symptoms can range in intensity from mild to severe. Patients undergo physical examinations fit to determine whether they are to bee treated. By acupuncture or conventional western medical method.

“I got to the point where I was willing to try anything,” he said. The center is staffed by Dr. Dennison. A specialist n internal medicine, A Chinese electrical engineer an four Chinese acupuncturists. Although the treatment goes back some four thousand years in China. The reasons for this reported effectiveness in relieving pain are not fully understand.

America’s First Acupuncture
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Migraine Boca Raton

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