Magic Needles Of Acupuncture

April 20, 1993

April 20, 1993

th_2HER FAMILY doctor couldn’t bring Mary Dee Letizia any relief from her agonizing back problems – but acupuncture quickly put her on the road to recovery.

“I couldn’t even sit in a chair, let alone walk or work,” says Mary, who injured herself on the job. “Now I feel like a human being again!”

She says she owes it all to Dr. Yao Wu Lee, an acupuncture pioneer in America. And others are following her example by finding relief with Chinese medicine.

The ancient techniques relieve a long list of everyday complaints, says Lee, who runs four clinics in Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach, Florida. The system balances the mind and body so that healing comes from within.

They can safely relieve migraines, aching joints, stomach problems and allergies – things that bedevil you all the time,” he says. Now I feel human again

“Acupuncture, for example, is safe and natural. It works best for chronic and painful conditions, such as arthritis.”

The ancient art involves the painless insertion of needles into key points of the body, but the healing begins in the mind.

‘You lie still for 30 to 40 minutes,” Lee explains. “It’s acupuncture sleep. You relax and your troubles go away. Acupuncture also works for whiplash, low back pain, injuries and post-surgical pain.

That’s why Mary turned to Lee. She’d suffered through a painful year, and doctors didn’t do her much good.

They gave her drugs and told her to stay in bed, but she got worse, instead of better. She couldn’t sit or stand without excruciating pain. But after two treatments with Lee, she could walk, sit and sleep.

After 20 treatments, she is back at work part time and hoping to get pregnant.
“Dr. Lee made me a human being gain,” she says.

Her back problems also caused chronic headaches, which her acupuncture treatments are controlling. She still has some pain, but says she can live with it.

Gregg Seider came to Lee three years ago for allergy treatments. Antihistamines helped, but they made him drowsy. Allergy shots didn’t work, either.exalee

“His case was very severe, Lee recalls But 15 treatments from Lee brought Gregg relief. He has taken no antihistamines or shots since being treated three years ago.

“He must come in annually for boost-‘treatments,” says Lee, who says allergies respond to acupuncture better than almost any condition. Here are some other successes from Lee’s files:

õA 68-year-old retired research engineer overcame a crippling case of tennis elbow, which was so severe he couldn’t even feed himself. An orthopedic specialist found nothing wrong, and medication didn’t help. He finally opted for acupuncture. After five sessions, he could move his fingers, but he still had pain. After the 10th treatment, the pain was gone!

õA 10-year-old boy dying of asthma was taking 18 pills a day and using three different inhaler medications but doctors were ready give up. His mother heard about acupuncture and brought him in. The boy improved so dramatically after the first treatment he was able to play tennis the next day! After 30 sessions, he’s in good health and no longer needs any medication.

õA 32-year-old jeweler, who quit working because of carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful affliction of the wrists, made a dramatic turnaround.

“In 15 visits, I went from someone who couldn’t lift a fork or dress herself to being pain-free,” she says.

“It even helped me lose weight. I went from a size 12 to to a size 6, and I didn’t have to starve!”