Insomnia Coral Springs

Insomnia Coral Springs is a technique for relieving pain or improving the function of various parts of the body by inserting very thin needles at certain points discovered empirically by the ancient Chinese. These are called “acupuncture points” and may be quite a distance from the part of the body being treated.

Insomnia Coral Springs

Insomnia Coral SpringsInsomnia Coral Springs is based on theories of energy flow in the body and can be described as an external treatment of internal disorders. The Chinese developed these theories and located the junction points on meridians of energy transmission to and from vital organs of the body thousands of years ago.

They discovered that inserting fine needles at these points could relieve pain or improve the function of parts of the body at some distance from these points. Our observations of referred pain transmitted along nerve pathways are consistent with Insomnia Coral Springs theory. But we are just beginning to discover that body electricity is not entirely dependent on nerve fibers for its transmission.

Our modern knowledge of embryology also helps to explain that parts of the body which appear entirely separate from each other after birth, have a history of common derivation. And therefore have a relationship which is not apparent on ordinary physical examination of a patient.

Ancient Chinese

The ancient Chinese based their theories of Insomnia Coral Springs on their philosophy. Which was concerned with the balance and harmony between what they called Yin and Yang factors within the body and the external environment. They recognized the body as a microcosm, comparable to the universe as a whole. Anything associated with powerful activity, openness and aggressiveness was classified as Yang. While anything obscure, quiet or passive was classified as Yin.

American physicians have documented physiological changes in the body attributed to certain emotions. Then they have analyzed the potential results of such changes on the functioning of various organs.

Yin Yang

By such methods it is possible to establish a relationship between emotions and somatic pathology. If we translate vigorous emotions as Yang vital energy and depressive emotions as Yin vital energy. We can see the similarity between the Chinese theories and our own.

Over centuries, the Chinese have worked out formulas and combinations of treatment points which are effective for relieving pain and disability in various parts of the body. Modern electronic instruments enable us to verify the existence of Insomnia treatment points and to locate them precisely. Even if we don’t accept Chinese philosophy. Or if we don’t understand why the Chinese select certain Acupuncture points to treat a specific disorder. We cannot ignore the effectiveness of the treatment they give.

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