Headache Boca Raton

Headache Boca Raton – A Headache occurs causes of Illness, stress etc..

When headaches occur three or more times a month, treatment is typically recommended.

Headaches are occurs in different parts of the brain, as mentioned below:
Cluster headache
Tension type – stress headache.

Acupuncture is a technique as Alternative Medicine for relieving pain or improving the function of various parts of the body. Simply by inserting very thin needles at certain points discovered empirically by the ancient Chinese. These are called “acupuncture points” and may be quite a distance from the part of the body being treated.

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Six years ago, Marie Kerr smashed her elbow on the guardrail of a boat off Hillsboro Inlet as she went over the side on a dive trip. She screamed in pain.

Last fall, Kerr decided to try acupuncture despite an aversion to needless. She said daily use of the ancient Chinese medical technique has her functioning again.

“It’s just totally amazing to me, ” she said. “If I had had this beforehand, I wouldn’t have had the surgery. I wouldn’t have been out of commission for six years”

Increasingly, Americans are turning to alternative medical therapies to cure what ails them.

In a study published in January in The New England Journal of Medicine, a group of doctors concluded that one in three Americans had used some type of unconventional therapy in the past year.

Altogether, Americans paid 425 million visits to providers of such therapy and spent $13.7 billion. About 75 percent out of their own pockets, the study said.

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Headache Boca Raton

The frequency of use of unconventional therapy in the United.States is far higher than previously reported.” the study said.

Acupuncturists are up 81 percent and chiropractors 27 percent. In comparison, the number of doctors and physician’s assistants has grown 22 percent in the past five years.

Office setup at the government-financed National Institutes of Health. Frustrated by the lack of progress on fatal diseases such as cancer, Congress urged the health agency to at least begin exploring new avenues.

The office will finance about $2 million of research this year into new therapies. While some doctors worry the move may validate useless or dangerous treatment. Alternative practitioners say it will help patients feel better about going outside a medical system that can seem overly specialized and impersonal.

Headache Boca Raton

Acupuncture, the Chinese art of sticking needles into the skin at specific points to cure pain and disease. Also its is becoming more established.

Acupuncture first gained a foothold in the United States in the early 1970’s, after President Nixon re-established trade relations with China, said Dr. Yao Wu Lee, who has four offices in South Florida.

Lee said that at first acupuncture was banned by state legislators who considered it a hoax. Today, nearly every state licenses acupuncture, including Florida which has 334 licensed acupuncturists.

“The reason why acupuncture has become popular in so short a time is because it works. It has a benefit,” said Lee. “Acupuncture stimulates the body to heal itself.”

Lee said he sees about 30 patients a day. He said 1 percent of his patients are Chinese or Asian, and about 20 percent are referred from other physicians.

Florida’s acupuncture community has grown by 81 percent. Since 1986-87 according to the Florida Department of Professional Regulation, which licenses health professionals.

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