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Chinese Medicine Fort Lauderdale as below:

The Chinese believe that there is a flow of energy in the body which must be kept in balance and harmony to maintain health. If this energy becomes blocked and cannot circulate, pain or loss of body function occurs. Acupuncture treatment has a multifaceted effect on the body. Initially, it removes the energy blockage.

elecmanIt also exerts a therapeutic effect on the body by influencing the autonomic nervous system. Lastly, it increases blood and energy circulation throughout the body, and especially to the treated area. This combination of actions speeds the healing process and results in the relief of pain and the restoration of body function.

In 1972, Dr. Lee opened the first recognized acupuncture center in the United States, officially bringing this age-old medical treatment to this country and igniting an interest in acupuncture in American patients, physicians, and researchers.


Chinese Medicine Fort Lauderdale Relaxes:

Chinese Medicine Fort Lauderdale also relaxes muscles. The mechanism of relaxation is not precisely understood, but medical scientists are continuing their research to further understand the reason behind the biochemical changes produced by acupuncture.


Acupuncture treatment can be more effective when combined with herbal therapy. There are many herbs and classical patent herbal formulas which have been passed down through the centuries in China for specific disorders of women and men; other herbs hasten the healing of numerous conditions. Ancient herbal tonics are especially popular and commonly used to promote general health and well being, build energy and endurance, increase mental capacity, strengthen immunity and heart function, and enrich sexual function.

Herbs help to promote the healing process without side effects. Acupuncture treatment in combination with the appropriate herbal therapy will aid healing to take place at an accelerated pace.


Yes, because in many instances, acupuncture is the only treatment or the safest and most effective treatment for many disorders. Acupuncture on an out patient basis is much less expensive than most medical or surgical treatment. It can remove disabilities for which people are now receiving compensation payments and can make it possible for some severely disabled persons to take care of themselves instead of requiring nursing care.

It would be economically beneficial to insurance carriers, as well as to patients, for all health insurance to pay for acupuncture treatments. Many insurance companies already do pay for acupuncture, and as the benefits and effectiveness of acupuncture are increasingly demonstrated, more and more companies will include acupuncture in their coverage. We are fortunate in Florida to have a progressive legislature which passed a law in 1988 requiring insurance companies in Florida to pay for acupuncture treatment.

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