Back Pain Boca Raton By Dr. Yao Wu Lee

Back Pain Acupuncture Treatment In Boca Raton By Dr. Yao Wu Lee :

Back Pain Acupuncture is alive and well in Boca Raton. Opening in December 1 it is the only major place in America which presently offers acupuncture treatment to the general public. Only in Washington, D.C. is the art of acupuncture granted a license to use this ancient Oriental form of medicine.

The Acupuncture Center is the combined efforts of three dedicated men. Dr. Arnold Benson, M.D. a specialist of internal medicine, lends medical status and his knowledge of Eastern Medicine. He first learned about acupuncture while serving as an Army doctor in Asia from 1962-1964. Returning to private practice in New York City his interest in Oriental medicine grew. There and in California he observed
acupuncturists performing secretly .Back Pain Boca Raton , Back Pain, Boca raton

‘Acupuncture is filling a void which has existed,” says Dr. Benson, ‘ especially with chronic disorders and pain.”

The Acupuncture Center “ejects patients with certain conditions.

These include diabetes, thyroid disease, infections, blindness, epilepsy, cirrhosis, hypoglycemia, obesity, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and such uncertain conditions as abdominal pain or heart pains and cancer. The reason is that while acupuncture may help with some of these cases, they involve long-term treatment and have the greater risk of complications (especially due to the wide assortment of drugs these persons are usually taking).

Back Pain :

Back Pain Boca Raton, Back Pain, Boca Raton

Back Pain Boca Raton

Back pain is often a common symptom of many disease conditions and the back pain may range from simple or dull pain to sudden and sharp pain. If the pain persists for few days, it is acute pain whereas if continues for more than 3 months, it is considered as chronic pain. In most cases, back pain may resolve without any treatment however if persists for more than 3 days, medical intervention is necessary.

Back pain may be a common symptom in various conditions such as appendicitis, aneurysms, kidney diseases, kidney and bladder infections, ovarian disorders, pregnancy, nerve root syndromes such as sciatica, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, musculoskeletal problems, osteomyelitis, spondylitis, tumors, spine injuries, fractures, and many more.

Back pain can be alleviated with rest and RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and elevation) treatment, pain relievers, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids, and physical therapy. However certain conditions causing severe pain may require surgical treatment. Treating underlying conditions offer the relief from back pain.

Back Pain Boca Raton Center First in the U.S. :

In 1972, Dr. Lee opened the first U.S. acupuncture clinic known as the “Washington Acupuncture Center” in Washington, D.C., and has practiced in and directed three clinics now located on the east coast of Florida since 1976.

From 1973 to 1975, he sponsored and conducted acupuncture research for rheumatoid arthritis jointly with the George Washington University Medical School. Also in 1973, he opened and taught an intensive acupuncture training program for the nations M.D.’s and D.O.’s at his clinic.

Through the years, Dr. Lee has been in frequent demand as a lecturer for medical organizations, schools, associations and clubs, and has made numerous national and local radio and T.V. talk show appearances.

Dr. Yao Wu Lee (Acupuncturist of the Year) :

Back Pain Boca Raton Specialist DR yao wu lee, Boca raton, Back pain.

In appreciation for his contributions to acupuncture in the United States, he received the first national “Acupuncturist of the Year” Award for 1983-1984 from the Center of Chinese Medicine in California.

Dr. Lee served three terms as a Florida Acupuncture License Examiner and two years as Chairman of the Continuing Education Committee of the Florida State Acupuncture Association. He is past President of the Florida Acupuncture Association.




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